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Peterson, Nicole L.
Area of Honors:
Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jelena Srebric, Thesis Supervisor
  • Matthew M Mench, Honors Advisor
  • green roofs
  • sustainability
Green roofs are a sustainable technology that offers advantages over standard roofs, including benefits related to energy savings and drainage systems. This thesis focuses on the instrumentation and data analysis of extensive green roofs. A weather station—which will be implemented on the Forest Resources Building on the Pennsylvania State University’s campus in the near future—has been designed. Then, through the analysis of measured variables collected on a green roof in Chicago, Illinois using similar instrumentation to that discussed in this thesis, it was determined that despite the benefits of green roofs, the white reflective standard roof performed better in terms of heat flux for summer conditions during July, 2007. In fact, the standard roof was shown to have savings of 309 W·hr/m2·month during the month analyzed. The data processing and analysis of the data will be used in the future for the validation of a new heat and mass transfer green roof model. Another analysis would need to be done to compare a green roof with a standard black roof. Future work may also deal with the properties of green roofs and the development of an inorganic-organic material that may have the same functions and benefits of a green roof.