Cause Related Marketing and the Environment

Open Access
Rogers, Elizabeth Regina
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Lisa Elizabeth Bolton, Thesis Supervisor
  • Jennifer Chang Coupland, Honors Advisor
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • consumer behavior
  • "green"
  • environment
  • persuasion
ABSTRACT The purpose of this thesis is to provide recommendations for the use of Cause Related Marketing campaigns to benefit environmental causes. Analysis and recommendations are established through examination of consumer behavior literature, research on consumer responses to CRM, and current CRM campaigns. Consumer behavior regarding CRM campaigns is analyzed using the Message Learning Approach to Persuasion. Through literature reviews and examples of CRM campaigns, the Message Learning Approach is adapted to fit requirements of CRM. After examining regular CRM campaigns and analyzing a campaign implemented to support THON, the thesis examines the “Going Green” phenomenon and consumer responses to and requirements for environmental campaigns. The CRM Message Learning Approach is revisited to provide a framework for recommendations for the implementation of CRM campaigns to support environmental causes. These recommendations are illustrated through a second case study on Dawn dishwashing liquid’s environmental campaign.