Gender Differences in Intrinsic Orientation and Viewpoint

Open Access
Talbot, Allison Beth
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Richard Alan Carlson, Thesis Supervisor
  • Lynn Susan Liben, Faculty Reader
  • Richard Alan Carlson, Honors Advisor
  • Gender
  • change blindness
  • "find the differences" tasks
  • perspective change
The relationship between gender differences and perspective change in searching a pair of images was examined in an experiment on gender differences in intrinsic orientation and viewpoint. Participants found the differences in twelve pairs of various gender stereotyped scenes. I predicted that both males and females would take longer to find the differences when there was a perspective change in the pair of images they were looking at. Additionally, I predicted that males would find differences more quickly in scenes that depicted masculine objects. On the other hand, I predicted that females would find differences more quickly in scenes that depicted feminine objects. Results suggest that perspective change and gender differences do influence the difficulty of a “find the differences” task.