Constructed Re-evaluation: A Design/Build Investigation

Open Access
Catanzaro, Anthony John
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Architecture
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • James Theodore Kalsbeek, Thesis Supervisor
  • Christine Lee Gorby, Honors Advisor
  • Sweet
  • Primitive Hut
  • Design/Build
  • Architecture
_influenced by the current state of waste production not only in the united states, but also the world, a tactile investigation began into figuring out a way to reuse the waste that is so commonly disregarded as ‘useless’. _inspired by the writings of Marc-Antoine Laugier and his theory of the Primitive Hut, the materiality of this project became dependant on the context in which it was taking place: in this case State College, PA became the backdrop for this investigation. _utilizing exclusively reclaimed material this thesis project is a study testing the human experience in building and its intrinsic effects on how we design. _through the development of a column and panel system to incorporate scrap wood, metal, etc., a building became possible. the process of making, especially while working with imperfect materials, influenced constant modifications dependant on the situation that presented itself. _the sketchbook became the main media for design. the immediate reaction to a situation could only be resolved in the context it was discovered. the sketchbook provides the minimum tools to fully solve problems as they become apparent. _a relationship with a group of aerospace engineers studying renewable energy from wind turbines was developed. this group, the client, will use the built building as their laboratory. _the project will continue into the summer when it is disassembled and moved to the penn state center for sustainability as a facility for data collection and research.