Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design, and Energy Analysis of the Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, VA

Open Access
Renwick, Luke D.
Area of Honors:
Architectural Engineering
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Kevin William Houser, Thesis Supervisor
  • Richard George Mistrick, Honors Advisor
  • Lighting Design
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Daylighting
The Salamander Resort and Spa is a Five Star/Five Diamond resort under construction in Middleburg, VA. When completed, this resort and spa will be the signature building for Salamander Hospitality. The building boasts luxurious interiors, spas, indoor pools, outdoor pool and terraces, a restaurant, wine bar, ballroom, and 168 guest rooms. Salamander Hospitality has requested that this building be LEED certified in environmental and energy efficient design, making it one of the only LEED certified buildings of its kind. Therefore, an interesting mixture of luxury, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility make up the design strategies for the building. The following report covers several topics regarding aesthetics, energy efficiency, cost analysis, and functionality. The main focus is to provide complete lighting design for four spaces throughout the resort and spa. Lighting design criteria, documentation, equipment, graphics, and performance data are provided for the following spaces: the Entry Courtyard, Living Room, Wine Bar, and Grand Ballroom. The lighting designs for all spaces enhance the architecture and interior design while expressing general themes of relaxation and Virginia horse and wine country, which Middleburg is known for. Beyond the aesthics of the lighting redesign, a daylight harvesting study and photosensor control integration analysis was completed in the Living Room and energy savings were maximized. Existing electrical design was modified to meet the change in lighting design. Branch circuiting panels, feeders, and voltage drop were resized for each space. Also, electrical depth topics are included as additional studies on equipment efficiency, cost, and functionality. As part of the general goal to enhance the interior spaces and complete interdisciplinary studies in the design industry, an architectural breadth study is included in the form of a fireplace and Wine Bar room layout redesign. In addition, a mechanical breadth redesign and heat recover analysis is also provided. The lighting design solutions proved to be aesthetically pleasing, decorative, functional, flexible, technical, and energy efficient. With such a design, the Salamander Resort will one day provide an relaxing and enjoyable experience to their guests.