A Comparitive Study of Two Russian Textbooks with a Focus on Grammatical Cases

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Barba, Katherine Alexandra
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Irina Mikaelian, Thesis Supervisor
  • Michael Marion Naydan, Honors Advisor
  • Russian textbook
  • grammatical cases
This study identifies the methods used in two college beginner-level Russian textbooks in order to determine their relative effectiveness. The Introductory Chapter explains the aims of two textbooks under consideration: Ãîëîñà- A Basic Course in Russian (Book 1) and Íà÷àëî (Book 1). The first chapter introduces different learning styles and various methods for effectively evaluating a textbook. The study also strives to determine which textbook presents the six grammatical cases in Russian more effectively. The different case forms comprise the most difficult aspect of Russian language learning. Based on analysis of the presentation of the cases, the researcher concludes that the textbook Ãîëîñà- A Basic Course in Russian (Book 1) more effectively presents the grammatical aspects in teaching Russian language.