Falling Slowly: A Choreographic Study of Relationships

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Lutz, Sarah Elizabeth
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Annette Kay Mcgregor, Thesis Supervisor
  • Elisha Clark Halpin, Faculty Reader
  • Annette Kay Mcgregor, Honors Advisor
  • Choreography
  • theater
  • thesis
This thesis talks about the interpersonal relationships. These are the relationships we form throughout life – parent/child, lovers, friends, acquaintances, relationships formed for good or ill, with whatever outcome life decides. We crave these connections, however solitary we are as people; we still need the connections that we form in life. These dance pieces dealt with a sampling of those relationships to explore how they affect our lives. By using movement to explore these relationships both the viewer and the dancer gets a much more visceral reaction to the relationship, as opposed to simply talking about the effect these relationships have on our lives.