Optimization of a Hybrid, Small, Decentralized Power Plant

Open Access
Ranjeva, Minna Laure
Area of Honors:
Engineering Science
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dr Kulkarni, Thesis Supervisor
  • Christine Masters, Honors Advisor
  • Anil Kamalakant Kulkarni, Thesis Supervisor
  • Judith A Todd, Faculty Reader
  • wind power
  • renewable energy
  • solar power
  • biomass
The worldwide dependence on fossil fuels and the harmful environmental consequences of this dependence have several scientists, engineers, and concerned citizens around the world interested in alternative sustainable energy systems. Additionally, in rural and developing areas, many people do not have access to electricity. One solution is the hybrid decentralized small power plant, which uses renewable resources such as wind, solar radiation, and biomass inherently available in a specific geographic area to produce electricity not dependent on the presence of a power grid. The focus of this research is to create a tool that will take into account geographic information (such as wind speed magnitude and probability, solar radiation, biomass types and availability, and weather patterns) for a specified area and determine what portion of an initial investment should be delegated to each type of energy (biomass, wind or solar). The overall power output for the average day as a function of time will be made available, as well as the contributions of each biomass, wind, and solar portion. This tool will help investors by recommending systems that will provide a reliable, optimized power output for a specified location.