An Investigation of the Electron Transport Mechanisms in Silicon Carbide for use as a Low-k Dielectric

Open Access
Ebersole, Chad Martin
Area of Honors:
Engineering Science
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Patrick M Lenahan, Thesis Supervisor
  • Patrick M Lenahan, Honors Advisor
  • Christine Masters, Faculty Reader
  • low-k
  • dielectric
  • semiconductor
  • electron transport
  • SiC
  • silicon carbide
Research is constantly being done to determine the best materials for use as interlayer dielectrics in microelectronics. The role of these dielectrics is to insulate the metallizations leading to transistors, preventing unwanted current and crosstalk between the leads. A material’s ability to insulate can be determined by the nature of how the electrons travel through it. This thesis seeks to develop a fundamental understanding of the electron transport mechanisms in one such material of interest, silicon carbide. We have explored how electron transport is affected by both temperature and electric field. This research was done using samples from Intel and in collaboration with other graduate and undergraduate students in the Semiconductor Spectroscopy Lab.