Building Digital Brand Relationships: Interactions Between Brands and Consumers

Open Access
Kingsbury, Stephen John
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jennifer Chang Coupland, Thesis Supervisor
  • Margaret Grace Meloy, Faculty Reader
  • Jennifer Chang Coupland, Honors Advisor
  • consumer-brand relationships
  • Brand Relationship Quality
  • self-connection
  • interdependence
  • relationship warmth
The relationships that people form with the products they use each day as well as the company that manufactures them are constantly changing. In today’s digital marketplace, the advent of the Internet has allowed consumers to gain access to product information faster than ever before in history. With this new technology, companies are beginning to think about new ways to reach out to customers and gain their attention in a sea of advertising and public relations information. This analysis provides an overview of the development of consumer brand relationships and also analyzes how companies are currently using Facebook to build digital brand relationships with their customers. Furthermore, this work will help companies realize the importance of building relationships with their customers in the digital world. An analysis of Susan Fournier’s dimensions of Brand Relationship Quality (BRQ) including self-connection and interdependence is discussed in addition to the concept of relationship warmth.