L’Altro In Italia: una traduzione e analisi critica (The Other in Italy: A Translation and Critical Analysis)

Open Access
Imbarlina, Paul Alexander
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Sherry Lynnette Roush, Thesis Supervisor
  • Maria Rosa Truglio, Honors Advisor
  • Italy
  • translation
  • prejudice
  • immigration
  • racism
  • Lega Nord
  • Europe
Today, Italy contains one of the most rapidly changing populations of the European Union. Currently, 7.2% of Italy’s 60 million residents are non-citizens. Recent demographic data trends towards a large demographic shift in Italy society. One of every six babies delivered was born to a foreign born immigrant in 2008. This wave of immigration, especially the segment arriving from Africa, has not been integrated smoothly into Italian society, however. Because of a prevailing xenophobic attitude in Italy, immigrants have been greeted with prejudice and even acts of violence. Thus, immigrants have become the “other” in Italy. The purpose of this thesis is to uncover “othering” in Italy and its origins through the translation of a work of a respected Italian journalist (Gian Antonio Stella). Additionally, this thesis offers a reflection on the process of translation.