Making A Difference Through Nonprofit Branding

Open Access
Quisenberry, Kirsten Lee
Area of Honors:
Graphic Design
Bachelor of Design
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ryan Edward Russell, Thesis Supervisor
  • William Kelly, Honors Advisor
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • nonprofit
  • branding
  • logo
“Good art inspires; good design motivates.” –Otl Aicher An artist is a free spirit not governed by rules, but instead creates his or her own rules. On the other hand, like an engineer, a designer must adhere to functional parameters in addition to having a skilled eye for color and composition. Good design is essentially good advertising. It motivates the consumer to buy into a product or perform a desired action. In the case of this creative thesis, I sought to brand The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation (JTS Foundation), enhancing its public credibility and consumer confidence as a charitable organization in the new “Facebook world.” The JTS Foundation honors the memory of a beloved son and brother by supporting other children and families fighting childhood cancer. With its new identity, the JTS Foundation will continue to receive support from longtime donors as well as garner support from new volunteers and supporters due to its new professional branding and increased online presence. This creative project provided real world experience in designing an identity system complete with logo, stationary and website. The following thesis delves into the design process and each decision that resulted in the cohesive whole.