The Economics of the European Union: An analysis of the Greek debt crisis

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Bell, ToriLynn Marie
Area of Honors:
International Politics
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Glenn Hunter Palmer, Thesis Supervisor
  • Michael Barth Berkman, Honors Advisor
  • EU
  • Greece
  • debt crisis
The European Union (EU) is an unprecedented example of international integration and cooperation. The economic integration of 27 European states makes it the largest world economy. Due to its large scale and unprecedented nature, the EU has faced criticism and numerous challenges. In this paper, I explore and analyze the EU’s most recent challenge—the Greece debt crisis. In order to accomplish this, I considered the history of the EU, the current world wide economic crisis, and the history leading to Greece’s debt crisis. After examining the background leading to this crisis, I consider the possible solutions and current negotiations. This crisis has the possibility to impact more than just Greece or the EU. There are wider consequences of the crisis which must also be considered. This paper is up to date with negotiations and policies as of November 2011.