Development of a Scaled-down Series Hybrid Vehicle for Education in Vehicle Hybridization and Electrification

Open Access
Johannes, Lindsay Marie
Area of Honors:
Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Hosam Kadry Fathy, Thesis Supervisor
  • Zoubeida Ounaies, Honors Advisor
  • hybrid
  • series hybrid
  • toy kit
This thesis details the conversion of a combustion-powered remote control car to a series hybrid. This car will be one component of a toy car kit used to educate young students about the benefits of hybrid vehicles. The kit will consist of four different types of vehicles that students can build and drive: a combustion-powered car, an electric car, a series hybrid and a parallel hybrid. This thesis explains the different types of hybrid cars, series and parallel, used in the toy kit. It then discusses the lack of remote control hybrid vehicles available in the market and the need for this toy kit to fill that void. This study then details the design process used to develop the series hybrid car for the toy kit. A customer needs assessment revealed that the best target age group for this product would be students from eight to ten years of age. Research into the combustion-powered RC market revealed the Losi Ten-T Truggy to be a suitable combustion-powered car for this project; this is because it comes prebuilt and has a self-starting engine. The Novak Havoc 1/10 Spec Brushless motor is the motor that is used for both the series and parallel hybrids. It was chosen because its maximum torque matched that of the motor and because it contains Hall Effect sensors; a plus for speed control. This thesis also contains a step-by-step explanation of the prototype construction, and details the results of the completed series hybrid prototype. This prototype achieved the set goals. It was mechanically sound and functioning, and it will serve as a useful tool for students to learn about hybrid vehicles. Some improvements could be made to the parts fabricated for the prototype. A new design for one of the parts is shown at the end of the thesis. There is still more work to be done before the toy kit is complete. Specifically work is ongoing to create a motor controller for both the series and parallel cars.