Exploring Midi Sequencing Software as a Score Study Tool for Ensemble Conductors

Open Access
Judge, Jared Scott
Area of Honors:
Music Education
Bachelor of Music Education
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Orrin Richard Bundy Jr., Thesis Supervisor
  • Joanne Rutkowski, Honors Advisor
  • Music
  • education
  • conducting
  • ensemble
  • orchestra
  • band
  • choir
  • score study
  • sequencing
  • technology
  • garageband
  • logic pro
  • notation
  • midi
The purpose of this study was to explore the potential inclusion of MIDI Sequencing Software in a conductor’s score study toolbox. Based on prior experience and a review of relevant literature, I proposed that MIDI Sequencing Software could enable conductors to more efficiently internalize a score than is possible with traditional score study tools. This study contains an evaluation of the traditional score study tools to determine their capabilities, limitations, and perceived efficiency. It also contains an introduction to MIDI Sequencing Software as a score study tool in the form of an Initial Guide for Conductors. The Initial Guide was implemented with a high school orchestra during my student teaching experience. Based on its implementation, MIDI Sequencing Software was evaluated for its capabilities, limitations and perceived efficiency. Lastly, the Initial Guide was revised based on its evaluation creating the Conductor Guide to Digital Score Study. Through this study, I determined that MIDI Sequencing Software is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to study scores, but should be supplemented by the conductor’s primary instrument, voice and inner ear to provide a complete score study experience. I also discovered MIDI Sequencing Software’s pedagogical offerings, and made further recommendations for study in that realm of possibility.