Relationship between parental depression and adolescent's ability to cope with trauma

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Janney, Gabrielle Stratt
Area of Honors:
Biobehavioral Health
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Elizabeth Susman, Thesis Supervisor
  • Lori Anne Francis, Honors Advisor
  • parent
  • adolescent
  • depression
  • psychopathology
  • physical/verbal abuse
  • trauma
The present study is an analysis of symptoms of depression in children who have endured trauma. Parental depression was used as a moderator of exposure to trauma and depression. The hypothesis was that children who endure trauma and have parents who are depressed will have less support and therefore cope differently resulting in depression. Childhood depression was measured using Diagnostic Interview Schedule-IV (DISC-IV); trauma was reported using KIDS-SAVE; parental depression symptoms were measured using Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) as the moderator. Although the regression analysis did not support the hypothesis using parental depression as a moderator, the association was significant between both parental depression and presence of trauma in explaining variation in childhood depression.