Student-centered Instruction in the Elementary Classroom

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Schooley, Heather Lynn
Area of Honors:
Curriculum and Instruction
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jamie Myers, Honors Advisor
  • James F Nolan Jr., Faculty Reader
  • Jamie Myers, Thesis Supervisor
  • student-centered classroom
  • Swedish school system
  • American school system
Through working with and observing students in England, Sweden and America, I personally believe student-centered classrooms to be both effective and engaging to students. After student teaching in Sweden, I was inspired to research more about student-centered instruction and what exactly this entails. The following paper consists of my own observations and how they tie in with current research on the student-centered learning in the elementary classroom. Through both research and my own interactions with students, I have come to the analyzed that student-centered classrooms are beneficial to both the teacher and student in multiple ways.