An Analysis Of Student Attitudes And Behaviors Regarding Hook-up Culture At Penn State

Open Access
Koller, Steven Francis
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Paul Richard Amato, Thesis Supervisor
  • Jeffery Todd Ulmer, Honors Advisor
  • hooking up
  • sociosexuality
  • gender
  • alcohol
  • double standard
The American college campus presents a unique environment for sexual and romantic relationships to manifest. Recent research indicates the presence of a relatively new sexual script which has emerged on college campuses across America, known as “hookup culture.” This culture is marked by non-committal sexual encounters, ambiguously known as “hook ups,” which take place outside the confines of committed relationships. Data from the study found that men and women are held to different standards when it comes to their casual sexual behaviors. Results also show that a significant portion of the population is dissatisfied with this sexual script. Furthermore, subgroups, differentiated by variables such as gender, affiliation with Greek organizations, and religiousness, were identified within the population as having their own unique sets of norms and patterns of behaviors.