Adam, Meet Eve

Open Access
Hoffman, Kelsey Frances
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Barbara O Bird, Thesis Supervisor
  • Barbara O Bird, Honors Advisor
  • Maura Elizabeth Shea, Faculty Reader
  • documentary
  • film
  • gender
  • sex
  • relationships
In this more permissive age of “hooking up” and “casual sex” it is important to understand the common miscommunications between men and women. Is there a new set of rules that govern our generation since the dating pressures have changed? Growing up within these changes, three classmates and I set out to explore our romantic experiences in this new atmosphere and answer our most personal questions by making a documentary. Our intent is to investigate the difference between a man’s idea of intimacy and a woman’s idea of intimacy in heterosexual relationships. Research included reading books, journal articles, and essays and even watching other documentary films on the topic. Professionals were interviewed in the areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and biology in order to understand this age-old conflict. We discovered that the rules in romance might not have changed so much after all. A majority of the research led to the conclusion that young daters need to acknowledge their goals and the goals of their partner – a lesson universal to all times and relationships.