Social Media Marketing: It's Effect on Business Consumer Relationships

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Bobrow, Bradley Scott
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Bachelor of Arts
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  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Social Marketing
Since the explosion of the social Internet in the early 1990’s, the world has seen rapid growth and change in a way humans never imagined or experienced. The rapid transmission of data, information and communication has changed the way people interact, and also the way world economies thrive and operate. One major facet of this revolution has come in the form of Social Media. This thesis looks to examine and analyze how industries have taken to social media to form a new sector of their businesses and strategies: Social Media Marketing. Through the analysis of Social Media Industry reports, and case studies of two different businesses that have adopted such social marketing campaigns, I will provide evidence of the accelerating dichotomy of traditional marketing and social media marketing campaigns. This thesis will provide answers on the effectiveness the changes social media marketing has brought upon our marketplace, in terms of consumer to consumer, and consumer to business relationships, as well as the ability to rapidly transmit information to an unlimited geographic. It will also highlight the positive effects social media marketing has had on the traditional marketing strategies that have been trusted by marketers for decades, and prove the importance of using social media marketing and traditional marketing strategies together to create a well-rounded and efficient marketing plan.