How Technology Has Changed the Way the Media Cover Wars

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Vickery, Danielle Erin
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Anthony Barbieri, Thesis Supervisor
  • Curtis William Chandler, Faculty Reader
  • Anthony Barbieri, Honors Advisor
  • media
  • war
  • technology
The purpose of this thesis is to examine how technology has changed the way in which reporters and photographers have covered wars. Between the American Revolution and the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, the media have adapted to faster, cheaper and lighter technologies that have enabled members of the press to get closer to the action of war. Not only has the world witnessed the largest-scale embedding program to date in Iraq, but it also has quicker access to material coming from the front lines than ever before. Along with the near real-time transmission speed now possible with new technology come new questions about accuracy and decisions in coverage.