Exhibition "feed.back.loop"

Open Access
Landfried, Lindsey Lee
Area of Honors:
Interdisciplinary in Comparative Literature and Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Sydney Sue Aboul Hosn, Thesis Supervisor
  • Micaela Amato, Thesis Supervisor
  • Sydney Sue Aboul Hosn, Honors Advisor
  • Jerrold Warren Maddox, Honors Advisor
  • drawing
  • loops
  • semiotics
  • rhythm science
  This is a two part thesis, including the creative work for the exhibition “feed.back.loop” and the following text. Below are images the works I made and of the show held with ceramic artist Lilly Zuckerman and a description of the visual works, and the process of making them. I also outline ideas and references discussed in the visual work, as a written bibliography of the visual language. The writing focuses on the relationship of the exhibition to technological aesthetics, intertextuality, and visual culture. I made the drawings by writing a single mark, a connecting loop, from left to right on the page, recording lines of imagined text. Using traditional writing materials, ink and graphite on paper, I use this single mark, a loop, to create a visual incident of patterns, networks, and color fields that suggest maps, landscapes, weaving, sediment, and bodies of text. In the work, the loop is also connected to rhythm, sound, and visual noise. The shift in scale between the mark and the accumulation of marks disorients the recipient, creating for the viewer a disconcerting optical tension. The resulting drawings are both very small and wall scale, referencing machines that draw, such as seismographs, echocardiographs, printers, and computers. Through these works I also question ideas of compression andrepetition to evoke parallel time and experiences of displacement.