Vegetable Crop and Livestock Farming in Downeast Maine: King Hill Farm, A Case Study

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Carlin, Neal Christian
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Heather D Karsten, Thesis Supervisor
  • Michael Craig Saunders, Faculty Reader
  • Heather D Karsten, Honors Advisor
  • agriculture
  • sustainable agriculture
  • farming
  • vegetable production
  • livestock production
  • diversified agriculture
  • case study
This case study documents the physical, practical and economical characteristics of King Hill Farm, a diversified vegetable and livestock farm in Downeast Maine, with particular emphasis on the integrated pest management practices utilized and underutilized to control insect pest populations. The case study details management practices of both the vegetable production, as well as livestock production. Additionally, the case study discusses the numerous markets utilized by King Hill Farm to sell their varied products, and the economic value (both to the farmers and to their community) of each.