Eight Flower Songs by Richard Strauss: A History and Analysis

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Teufel, Ellen
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Music
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jennifer Lynn Trost, Thesis Supervisor
  • Charles Dowell Youmans, Honors Advisor
  • Richard Strauss
  • Lieder
  • Art Song
Richard Strauss is widely recognized as one of the most successful German composers in almost every genre, but his music for the voice is especially prized. This project consists of two parts: a close examination and analysis of eight of Strauss’ Lieder, written at various times in his life, and a performance of these pieces, which was given on March 19, 2011 in Esber Recital Hall. Audio of the recital was recorded by Bob Klotz and can be found, with the program, in the appendix. The eight pieces selected for this project share the theme of flowers, bouquets, gardens, and blossoming. The theme provides coherence and a framework for comparison of the songs, while at the same time exhibiting the remarkable variety of techniques and emotions that Strauss brings to this supposedly light fare. Each piece will be looked at in the context of the events of Strauss’ life during the composition of the song and in relation to his other contemporary compositions.