Electroless Deposition of Platinum onto Porous Nickel Electrodes

Open Access
McDonald, Ryan Patrick
Area of Honors:
Engineering Science
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ivica Smid, Thesis Supervisor
  • Melik C Demirel, Honors Advisor
  • Judith A Todd, Faculty Reader
  • electroless deposition
  • nickel
  • platinum
  • fuel cell
Multiple Nickel Powders are looked at for fabrication of porous nickel electrodes for the use in fuel cells. Porosity levels of ~35-40 % have been achieved. Changes within sintering temperature as well as compaction pressure have shown to have an effect on the porosity levels. On top of this particle size, distribution, and shape have shown to have and ultimate impact on maximum porosity levels reached. There is also an outline for plating these porous nickel bodies with platinum using methods of electroless deposition. The platinum acts as a catalyst when the porous nickel bodies are used as a cathode and anode within an electrochemical cell.