The Chemical Exfoliation of Hexagonal Boron Nitride for Radiation Sensing

Open Access
Kelly, Michael Andrew
Area of Honors:
Engineering Science
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Joshua Alexander Robinson, Thesis Supervisor
  • Barbara Shaw, Honors Advisor
  • Judith A Todd, Faculty Reader
  • boron nitride
  • chemical exfoliation
  • sonication
  • centrifugation
  • dynamic light scattering
  • scanning electron microscopy
This project entailed the synthesis and characterization of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanosheets via chemical exfoliation. The exfoliation procedure involved the bath sonication of h-BN powders in various solvents, followed by centrifugation. Nanofilms were prepared by means of spin coating and drop casting onto Si-based substrates. Using characterization techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), h-BN particle sizes were measured. This report effectively shows the significant particle agglomeration effect due to increasing ultrasonication times. Included in this report are the methods of exfoliation, characterization data from the fore mentioned techniques, conductivity measurements, and applications for radiation sensing.