A Meta-Analysis of Co-Teaching: The Benefits, Concerns, and Implications

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Eaker, Shannon Elizabeth
Area of Honors:
Special Education
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Linda Mason, Thesis Supervisor
  • Richard M Kubina Jr., Honors Advisor
  • Linda Mason, Faculty Reader
  • Richard M Kubina Jr., Thesis Supervisor
  • Special Education
  • Co-Teaching
The goal of this thesis is to analyze the benefits, concerns, and implications of co-teaching. The first chapter is meant to help the reader understand what co-teaching is, and why it is utilized in schools today. The second chapter serves to outline the benefits of co-teaching discovered through various research studies, and the third chapter looks at the concerns of co-teaching discovered through research studies as well. In Chapter 4 the author discusses the results of a study on co-teaching she performed during her student teaching placement. Chapter 5 serves to compare the results of the author's study with the benefits and concerns found in the research from Chapter 2 and 3.