Assessment Centers: A Study Of The Connection Between College Major, Performance, And Personality

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Thomas, Ryan Robert
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Rick R Jacobs, Thesis Supervisor
  • William Ray, Honors Advisor
  • assessment center
  • performance
  • personality
  • college major
In this study, assessment center data were examined to investigate a possible link between personality, college major, and assessment center performance. Participants were college students who took part in a leadership assessment center at a major research institution in the Northeast. Participants were asked to perform in several simulated leadership tasks and were then scored on their effectiveness by 6 trained and experienced assessors. Participants were grouped and coded based on academic major, which was then compared to assessment center performance. Personality traits, specifically neuroticism and conscientiousness, were used to examine the correlates between one’s personality and performance. No significant correlations were found between college major, personality, or performance.