Virtual Evolving and Self-Producing Rapid Audio (V.E.S.P.R.A.)

Open Access
Laughner, Josh Lee
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Music
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Paul Barsom, Thesis Supervisor
  • Mark Edward Ballora, Honors Advisor
  • V.E.S.P.R.A.
  • video game music
  • algorithmic music
  • Pure Data
  • Unity
  • music composition
V.E.S.P.R.A. is a four-person multiplayer flight combat game and algorithmic music generation program. The players’ actions affect and direct the generation of the music based on their actions, but the exact connection is obfuscated. The players’ actions are consciously directed towards winning the game rather than making music; thus they act as randomizers rather than conscious composers. The goals of V.E.S.P.R.A. were twofold: first, to create a true “game” piece that an audience member could participate in without musical training and second, to create a game piece with built in rules that necessitate a musical progression in some manner. Both were accomplished reasonably well; however, there still remains room for significant improvement. In this sense, V.E.S.P.R.A. may be considered a successful prototype to be expanded on with future pieces.