Design of a Gas Test Stand for Analysis of Metal Oxide Gas Sensors

Open Access
Zwiebel, Dominique Sara
Area of Honors:
Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • John Douglas Mitchell, Thesis Supervisor
  • Theresa Stellwag Mayer, Honors Advisor
  • metal oxide
  • semiconductor
  • test stand
  • nanosensor
Test systems are key instruments in sensor development, analysis, and research. They provide controllable experimental conditions comparable to the practical operation environment. It is necessary that they are highly reliable and flexible for multiple sensor types and measurement conditions. This project is about the design and restoration of a test stand used to analyze the response of nano-sensor arrays. This test system was designed for precise characterization of nanosensor devices. Gas flow control and data acquisition are computer controlled. The test stand allows five input gases, gas mixing, humidity, and temperature control as well as real-time monitoring. The setup of the test stand’s hardware and software were discussed in detail. The system is completely automated and synchronized for accurate analysis. The LabVIEW programs used to interface with the hardware of the test stand were explained. The functionality and accuracy of the test stand were verified.