A Climate for the Successful Development of a Musical Theater Scene in Latin America

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Jackson, Christina Emily
Area of Honors:
Musical Theatre
Bachelor of Fine Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Susan B Russell, Thesis Supervisor
  • Susan B Russell, Honors Advisor
  • Cary Lee Libkin, Faculty Reader
  • Musical Theater
  • Musicals
  • Latin America
With Broadway musicals gaining higher levels of acceptance in the United States through TV shows such as Smash and Glee, it is only appropriate to then evaluate how this audience base might be farther expanded, even past the borders of our own country. However, as the musical theater scene thrives in European and Asian countries, Latin American countries do not have such the booming industry. This paper is a study of the acceptance of musical theatre differences between US and Latin American audiences, raising the question of whether Latin America is simply "behind" the US in developing a more complex relationship with musical theatre as a genre. From the history of the development of musical theater to how cultural climate differences may have an effect on the support of this facet of the entertainment industry, this paper offers a glimpse into the world of musical theater in Latin America.