What is Dance Fusion?

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Evans, Allison Jenna
Area of Honors:
Interdisciplinary in Dance and Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Elisha Clark Halpin, Thesis Supervisor
  • Vincent M Colapietro, Honors Advisor
  • Michele F Dunleavy, Faculty Reader
  • Fusion
  • Dance
  • Ballet Russe
  • Collaboration
  • Society
This thesis explores the world where dance, society and even politics meet. The world has started to recognize the combination of dance styles as fusions of these styles. But fusion is not a new concept. The dance world has been fusing styles and ideas since the beginning. One example in modern history can be seen in the Ballet Russe and the many impacts that followed this movement. My personal experience of choreographing a fusion solo is another example of how fusion is used today in the dance world. But while fusion is a common practice in the dance community, fusion is also part of everyday life and our society in general. When fusion is talked about outside of the dance world it is commonly thought of in a scientific scope. If you look at a more scientific definition, fusion is the merging of different elements into union (Fusion- Definition 2013). This can then be directly translated back into the dance world. Where then the division between the two worlds then becomes obsolete.