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Gyekis, Elody
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Fine Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jerrold Maddox, Honors Advisor
  • Helen P O’Leary , Thesis Supervisor
  • collaborative art
  • art
  • collaboration
  • home
  • women artists
This exhibition, entitled “Making Home — At Home and Abroad”, was created collaboratively with Stasya Panova of Syracuse University. Shown at University Park, PA and in Syracuse, NY in March 2009, the exhibition delves into personal relationships and discusses our experiences in America and abroad as an exploration of how we physically and emotionally construct ‘home’ spaces. Through an investigation of how our nationalities, the gender roles of home-making within our families, and our relationships with physical places and family members have informed our identities we have created a body of work that includes works of photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic, video, and installation. We worked closely with one another in our preparations for the exhibition by teleconferencing multiple times weekly to critique and discuss our works and prepare logistically for the show. In this way we are able to concurrently develop and strengthen our theme and be aware of each other’s work. At the same time, this methodology gave us enough distance to allow separate thought processes and unplanned parallels between our art to occur. Selecting which works to show and installing the work in two very different gallery spaces gave us the opportunity create and observe conversations between our pieces. Through creation of this body of work we furthered our understanding of ourselves, each other, and our relationship with one another as people and as artists through the work we created and our process of collaboration.