An Analysis and Comparison of Innovative Wall Framing Systems

Open Access
Izquierdo, Jose Antonio
Area of Honors:
Architectural Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Eric Todd Donnell, Thesis Supervisor
  • Ali M Memari, Honors Advisor
  • SIP
  • Steel Studs
  • wood design
  • insulated concrete form
Consistent innovation is needed for any industry to continue to progress and advance; however, the residential housing industry has tended to rely on the accepted designs, and rarely venture outside. Although it is true that wood design dominates the industry, it is important to look other methods that are not as common but have the potential to be equal or surpass efficiencies of wooden models. As there are many different methods to design and construct houses are being used, it is important to evaluate each case separately and then compare. In order to effectively compare the different materials, a typical wooden home will serve as the control model for the analysis. Each material (Structural Insulated Panels, Steel Studs, Insulated Concrete Form) that is evaluated will be compared to the efficiencies of the control model and present the best material shall be selected as best. To provide a comprehensive report, the following issues shall be addressed: cost, serviceability, and safety.