Daughter Fire

Open Access
Simone, Max E
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Judith Lee Mc Kelvey, Thesis Supervisor
  • Lisa Ruth Sternlieb, Honors Advisor
  • Theater
  • Play
  • Fiction
  • Art
  • Sculpture
  • Script
This is a play about art. It follows in the footsteps of infinite other works that range from profound to hackneyed and pretentious. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk when dealing with such a metaphysical topic. I’ve been afraid of art for some time. Not only afraid that I wasn’t any good or that I’d never find success but also the terrifying implication of what art is and how it can claim one’s life. Thought after thought filled my head over the years of just how much of a monster the concept of art can be. Finally, it became so great that I did the only thing I could do: I wrote my fears down in a play. While I cannot say with certainty that this play is art, it definitely is the work I am most proud of. The fear still lives in my mind but thanks to this play, I feel alleviated and strong. Enjoy.