Israel and Palestine Conflict: A Grassroots Reconciliation Program Case Study

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Lichliter, Danielle R
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Philosophy
Bachelor of Philosophy
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Mark A Brennan Jr., Thesis Supervisor
  • Richard Jon Stoller, Honors Advisor
  • Reconciliation
  • Israel
  • Palestine
  • Conflict
  • Grassroots
There have been many different organizations, programs and political peace processes that aim to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict. None of these approaches have achieved success in creating peace in the Middle East. This thesis will look specifically at micro-level grassroots initiatives that work to achieve peace through reconciliation. A case study is presented of one grassroots program, Building Bridges for Peace, which provides a year-round reconciliation program for teenagers in Israel, Palestine and the United States. This program will be evaluated in order to determine the successes and shortcomings of this approach. By comparing this program to the experience and framework of leading reconciliation theorist and practitioner Herbert C. Kelman, this thesis will examine the Building Bridges for Peace program from a social science perspective. The author presents her analysis of this grassroots organizations as well as recommendations for Building Bridges for Peace specifically and other similar organizations.