Education in Haiti: An analysis of how poverty and child labor are related to education

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Rockey, Elizabeth Ann
Area of Honors:
Labor and Employment Relations
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dr J Ryan Lamare, Thesis Supervisor
  • Alan V Derickson, Honors Advisor
  • child labor
  • education
  • Haiti
  • poverty
Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and suffers many social and economic hardships, severely impacting Haitian children. This study aims to find fundamental relationships between different social phenomena in Haiti to help with policy analysis, formation, and application regarding poverty alleviation, education systems, and child labor laws. This paper provides an overview of Haiti’s history, present-day conditions, child labor issues, and education system. The objective of this study is to investigate relationships between poverty, child labor, and education in Haiti. My primary question is whether poverty is related to an increase in child labor and also a decrease in education. Data were used from the World Bank to analyze these relationships and was supplemented with a case study interview. Results suggest that strong relationships exist between education, poverty, and child labor. Findings indicate that poverty and child labor are not positively related, child labor and education are negatively related, and poverty and education have mixed results that point towards a net negative relationship. I draw connections between the data results and the case study. I present possible explanations of my findings and limitations of the study. I also provide suggestions for future research.