Design and Construction of Low Field EDMR Spectrometer

Open Access
Mckay, Colin G
Area of Honors:
Engineering Science
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dr. Patrick M Lenahan, Thesis Supervisor
  • Barbara A. Shaw, Honors Advisor
  • Judith A Todd Copley, Faculty Reader
  • Helmholtz coil
  • EDMR
  • Low K dielectric
  • VRH
  • TDDB
  • SILC
  • NBTI
Low k dielectric materials are the future of large scale integrated circuits; however unknown defects and imperfections are inhibiting these devices by preventing them from reaching their optimal performance. The purpose of this work is to design and construct a low field Helmholtz Coil Electrically Detected Magnet Resonance spectrometer for use on low k dielectric materials to better understand these defects. The magnet is composed mainly of aluminum with several thousand feet of enamel coated copper magnet wire. This paper explains most of the design process and construction procedures as well as the design flaws which could have rendered the magnet useless and the fixes to those problems. The final product of this work is a fully working, high fidelity, uniform magnetic field EDMR spectrometer which shows a lot of promise for future research on low k dielectric materials. Experiments carried out on silicon carbide based MOSFETs show a very good zero-field signal to noise ratio. I look forward to my future work using this spectrometer.