The Olympic Games And Their Economic Impact

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Boswell, Carl Brandon
Area of Honors:
Political Science
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Subhanan Mukherjee, Thesis Supervisor
  • Gretchen Casper, Honors Advisor
  • Olympic
  • Economic
  • Mega-event
  • Political Science
The Summer Olympic Games is a centuries-old international event that is growing in scale and evolving with diversified participants and worldwide attention. While it has retained its moniker, it has taken on a newfound importance as a political, economic, and cultural beacon joining countries and individuals from all corners of the Earth. This mega-event leaves lasting marks upon the countries that are chosen to host it but just how magnified are the effects which the countries feel? The following piece examines the economic impact of the Summer Olympic Games on Germany and China, these countries hosted the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics and 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics respectively.