Intrinsic Motivation on Mathematics Achievement for Struggling Students

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Butler, Cameron Michael
Area of Honors:
Special Education
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Paul J Riccomini, Thesis Supervisor
  • David Lee, Honors Advisor
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Mathematics
This study is a look at the effect of intrinsic motivation on achievement in mathematics for struggling students. Though the effect of intrinsic motivation on achievement is well established for standard achieving students, this study will attempt to re-evaluate this information through the lens of a shifted focus group, namely students who struggle in mathematics. By employing a curricular-based measure in mathematics and an intrinsic motivation indicator this study attempts to link achievement to differing factors that effect intrinsic motivation. Though all results are tentative, the study has found potentially interesting results related to the shifted importance of self-competence and relatedness for struggling students and how intrinsic motivation effects achievement. This study calls for more research on the subject and is the beginning of the conversation as to how intrinsic motivation may effect achievement differently for students who struggle in mathematics versus the traditional focus groups of standard achieving students.