Effect of Various Confections on Oral pH Levels

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Ciocan, Ioana Andreea
Area of Honors:
Science (Berks/Lehigh)
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dr. Sandy Feinstein, Thesis Supervisor
  • James Michael Karlinsey, Honors Advisor
  • oral health
  • oral pH
  • pH
  • cavities
  • confections
  • candy confections
  • mints
  • gum
  • bacteria
  • flora
  • saliva
  • artificial saliva
The potential daily use of various oral confections may have an important impact on salivary pH. The regulation of salivary pH is imperative to maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the oral cavity. For those who may have difficulties with the secretion of saliva, artificial saliva has become commonly prescribed. The use of oral confections has also been shown to increase saliva secretion. Many confections of varying ingredients and flavors are readily available to the public. This study used a variety of confections tested in artificial saliva to monitor the effect the confections had on the pH level of the artificial saliva. The confections containing citric acid and malic acid were identified to have the strongest effect on the pH levels of the artificial saliva, making it more acidic.