Mitigating Student Debt: A Case For Differential Tuition By Major

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Reale, Eric Christopher
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Sajay Samuel, Thesis Supervisor
  • Orie Edwin Barron, Honors Advisor
  • Samar Farage, Faculty Reader
  • differential tuition
  • tuition cost
  • major
  • student debt
  • student loan
  • higher education
  • earnings
This paper presents a model to link the cost of a college degree with the income-earning potential of the related major. The rise in the level of student debt in recent decades is forcing many to reconsider the value of higher education. The causes of this sharp increase and potential remedies are explored. A benefits received approach through differential tuition is proposed as a solution to mitigate the issue of mounting student debt. I consider the implications and effects of implementing such a system, and how students and universities would be affected.