Common Practices in South Asian Orphanages

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Herr, Martha Joyce
Area of Honors:
Education and Public Policy
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dana Lynn Mitra, Thesis Supervisor
  • Dana Lynn Mitra, Honors Advisor
  • Stephanie Cayot Serriere, Faculty Reader
  • Education
  • South Asia
  • orphanage
Orphanages worldwide are responsible for providing the support and resources for a holistic development in the lives of children. The findings of this thesis offers important clarity on the most common practices that orphanages in South Asia use to care for orphans. Findings reveal common practices in education, health, finances, and the staffing structure. This study offers unique qualitative data from orphanage directors across 22 sites. The findings of this study reveal the status of extant practices in orphanages. Future studies should follow these findings to measure the quality and effectiveness of the common practices in South Asian orphanages.