La France Juive: La publication qui a bouleversé le monde

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Shutt, Thomas James
Area of Honors:
French and Francophone Studies
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Willa Zahava Silverman, Thesis Supervisor
  • Willa Zahava Silverman, Honors Advisor
  • Heather Mc Coy, Faculty Reader
  • France
  • juive
  • Edouard
  • Drumont
  • historiography
  • Jewish
  • antisemitism
  • historian
  • Silverman
  • protocols
  • Zion
This thesis focuses on the historiography, or the analysis of historians’ analyses, of the publication of Édouard Drumont’s La France juive and its impact in France, specifically with regards to anti-Semitism. Having written during different times over the span of the past century, there may be a correlation between the era in which each historian lived and how they perceived the book’s impact. What they choose to emphasize in their analyses, as well, can be very telling. While many historians have chosen to focus on this book and its author, this thesis is the first time a significant look has been given to the historians themselves, judging their interpretations and analyzing which aspects of La France juive’s impact they choose to emphasize.