The Tradeoffs of Conservation and Economic Development in Jericoacoara National Park

Open Access
Chappetta, Raymond Michael
Area of Honors:
Community, Environment, and Development
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Theodore Roberts Alter, Thesis Supervisor
  • Theodore Roberts Alter, Honors Advisor
  • Frans J G Padt, Faculty Reader
  • Brazil
  • tourism development
  • conservation
  • economic development
  • biodiversity
  • social marginalization
  • case study
  • Cear√°
Brazil is a country with a large tourism industry. Brazil practices tourism development as a strategy of both environmental conservation and economic development. However, these two goals can be at odds with each other. This thesis explores the dilemma of environmental conservation and economic development in the Village of Jericoacoara (Jeri) and the Jericoacoara National Park (JNP) which surrounds it. Using a case study method grounded in the analysis of primary and secondary documents related to the park and town, I explore this dilemma in the research site. Ultimately I identify issues of concern and make recommendations in improving park management that may be of use in both JNP and other national parks in Brazil.