Bad Romance: Stories and Essays

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Dzwonczyk, Laura Erin
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Charlotte Amalie Holmes, Thesis Supervisor
  • Lisa Ruth Sternlieb, Honors Advisor
  • fiction
  • nonfiction
  • creative writing
  • romance
  • craft
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Bad Romance is a creative collection of short stories and essays that detail, in so many words, our closest relationships. Most often these are between men and women, but they are not restricted to that. The collection examines these ties between people, twists them, stretches them to their breaking point, then tests them for survival rates. What we have as a result is relationships in various states of abuse: some shattered upon the ground, some elastic and resilient. On a craft level, Bad Romance examines the stark similarities between fiction and nonfiction. What differences exist in form, character, plot arc, and emotion between these two genres? Perhaps more importantly, if these differences exist, do they matter? Or does the purpose of storytelling pervade both genres and make their differences inconsequential? Bad Romance attempts to answer these questions, but at the same time, it aims to tell a good story. That, always, has been the end goal.