In group/Out-Group Phenomena in Climate Change Conversation

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Corprew, Brittany Nicole
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Janet Swim, Thesis Supervisor
  • Jeff M Love, Honors Advisor
  • climate change
  • in group
  • out group
As climate change continues to be a pressing issue for people worldwide, the conversations about the topic are slim to none. Researchers have explored the idea of this lack of discussion being due to an overall lack of concern or if conversations are happening but only in homozygous groups. The present research examines the concept of intergroup dialogue about climate change, particularly among Blacks and Whites. An assessment of college students demonstrated that individuals do perceive a difference in their willingness as well as the willingness of their peers in talking about climate change. While many participants held expectations about who is and isn’t concerned about climate change, they did not apply those stereotypes to their specific scenario.