Should the Exergaming Industry Target Adults? An Exploratory Survey

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Beale, Stephanie Marie
Area of Honors:
Information Sciences and Technology
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dr Madhu Reddy, Thesis Supervisor
  • Rosalie Ocker, Honors Advisor
  • Rosalie Ocker, Faculty Reader
  • exergaming
  • adults
  • survey
  • exploratory survey
  • exercise
  • video games
  • exergames
  • active video games
Background: Exergames, video games that contain interactive physical activity, tend to be targeted for children or older adults with disabilities. However, the exergaming industry has not focused on the general adult population. Research Questions: Can exergames effectively entertain adult users? What do adults perceive to be the benefits and drawbacks of exergaming? What sections of the adult population (if any) should the exergaming industry be targeting? What design and marketing suggestions can be made based on the circumstances of adult interest in exergaming? Research Methods: Literature review and online survey hosted by Qualtrics. Participants: Sixty adults responded to the survey through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Results: Adults found exergames to be entertaining and to currently provide a moderate workout. The main advantages of exergaming were generally perceived to be their convenience, entertainment, and social aspects. The main drawbacks were the equipment costs and the perceived inability of exergames to provide an adequate workout. Conclusion: Adults are generally interested in exergaming, provided that exergames are entertaining, deliver a moderately vigorous workout, and offer a social/multiplayer aspect. If designed and marketed correctly, adult-targeted exergames could physically benefit adults and financially benefit the exergaming industry.