The Impact of Ethnic Groups on United States Foreign Policy

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Pokrant, Taylor George
Area of Honors:
Political Science (Behrend)
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Robert W. Speel, Thesis Supervisor
  • Robert W. Speel, Honors Advisor
  • Robert Joseph Roecklein Jr., Faculty Reader
  • United States
  • Foreign Policy
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Interest Groups
The purpose of my thesis will be to examine the impact of ethnic concentrations on United States foreign policy. First, I will identify significant ethnic groups within the United States and provide some historical background into why they settled where they did. I will then examine their voting records in recent elections to determine an overall trend for each group, in each election. Next, I will determine each group’s primary foreign policy objective. Using that foreign policy objective, I will analyze how they voted and how these voting patterns may have impacted the overall United States foreign policy during that given time period. Finally, I will analyze the methods used by each ethnic group to champion their primary foreign policy objective. Then using these ethnic group specific methods I will determine which methods are effective and why.