Power and conflict: A qualitative look at the the interactions of leader dyads

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Niler, Ashley Anna
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Samuel Todd Hunter, Thesis Supervisor
  • Rick R Jacobs, Honors Advisor
  • Dyadic leadership
  • lifecycle
  • innovation
  • conflict
Leaders of innovative endeavors face complex demands and must balance a range of leadership activities throughout the creative process. Dyadic leadership, a special case of shared leadership, provides a unique approach to the circumstances leaders are faced with This study presents and experimental test of dyadic leadership structure to examine the behaviors of leader dyads. We hypothesize that leaders engage n a lifecycle of behaviors, where the balance of power and conflict is crucial. Our results indicated partial support for the later stages of the lifecycle. We also conducted a series of post hoc analyses, which showed that successful leaders appeared to follow the hypothesized lifecycle. The results provide information on leader dyads that may be used to foster innovation in the workplace.